9 november 2019 chinese horoscope

Solar Eclipse Partial. Jan 21, at Lunar Eclipse Total S. Heart, aorta, blood pressure, blood circulation. Full Moon S.


Feb 4, at Calf, ankle, shin, Achilles. Feb 19, at Pancreas, small intestine, digestive tract.

Lucky Signs for People Born in Pig Year:

Mar 6, at Feet, toes, pineal gland. Mar 21, at Kidney, ureter, urinary bladder, veins, skin.


Chinese zodiac lucky stones

Apr 5, at Head, teeth, tongue, arteries. Apr 19, at Full Moon. May 4, at Income is likely to be steady this year, but other money sources may not be. Love can have its ups and downs, and disputes are possible. The Snake should look within for answers, or seek guidance and mediation. Positive: Popular, engaging, refined, and persuasive.

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Horse people are hardworking and independent. Negative: Selfish and unscrupulous. These individuals may be rebellious and shun the advice of others. Fortunately, the Pig and Horse are attracted, and this bodes especially well for Horses in the year , especially for overall luck, but also for people luck.

Chinese festivals, holidays & important days in 12222

You can be a wonderful mediator this year, in fact. The Horse might thoroughly enjoy helping others who are not having as good a year as them. Money is perhaps their least favored category in , but still very good. There are excellent career prospects and opportunities. Love and social life are also expected to be quite fortunate.

Many Horses will enjoy a strengthened relationship and others may fall in love this year. Despite all of this, do watch for gossip that gets out of hand. Positive: Sensitive, imaginative, and well-mannered. Negative: Pessimistic and tardy. These people can let others take advantage of them too easily. The Year of the Pig, , is particularly good for money and career opportunities for the Goat. Love is expected to be strong, too, and health is likely to improve.

While there are overall gains this year, Goats should watch for small problems with reputation or procedure. Positive: Very inquisitive, curious, and witty with leadership qualities. Monkeys are popular people. Negative: Deceitful and self-absorbed. These individuals can be childish and drawn to mischief.

12222 Chinese horoscope forecast for the year of the pig

Money opportunities can arise elsewhere, and the advice is to save. In love, Monkeys need to put in more effort. There may also be some gossip to deal with, but Monkey can avoid this by being extra careful to avoid misrepresentation or misunderstanding. Positive: Enthusiastic, dignified, and resilient. Roosters are well-organized and good time-keepers. Negative: Bossy and pedantic. These people are often a little too outspoken and hate being criticized. The Rooster may gain some notoriety in the Year of the Pig, , so would be wise to be especially above-board.

People notice what the Rooster can do. Love needs some extra effort but is fair enough. If managed well, things should resolve just fine, but it can easily get out of hand and lead to major misunderstandings if care is not exercised in the Year of the Pig. Positive: Intelligent, loyal, fair, and constant. Negative: Cynical, worried, and tactless. The Year of the Pig is expected to be a rather stable year of building and development at a steady pace for Dog.

With spending, changes are needed, and most welcome!

12222 Chinese Lunar Calendar

Some tightening of the belt can improve your life, and ultimately, it feels good to be a little more disciplined. Energy is on the lower side, and perhaps motivation for certain projects decreases. This can be considered good in that it evens you out. Increased happiness is possible in established couples, and decent opportunities if single.

Generally, relationship status is not expected to change, but Dog is happier with this state than usual. Money is expected to be excellent, especially if spending is tamed as already mentioned, but Dog should watch for missing out on opportunities due to an especially cautious nature in Positive: Gallant, kind-hearted, and sincere. Pigs rarely lose their temper and always try to avoid arguing. Negative: Materialistic and pig-headed. Your social life is expected to be fairly good, although there can be some slack.

More effort should go into maintaining friendships. Try our Love Oracle , which is based on fortune telling with playing cards. Read about each zodiac sign. What Number Are You? You enjoy good luck this week. In terms of work, the pressure is not too big but there are a lot of things that you need to worry about. Once wearing a lucky charm, one especially those clash with Tai Sui in the year will be blessed with good luck in the year. Different stones have different effects on your fortune. Popular Topics Chinese Horoscope. Hand Lines Head Line.

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