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That includes trying to draw inspiration from the same old sources that have worked in the past.

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I suggest that you avoid this behavior in the coming days. Fresh sources of inspiration are available!

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  • I suggest that you put the past to rest as best as you can. Keep in mind that beauty will ultimately emerge from decay.

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    Halloween costume suggestion: The mythical phoenix, which burns itself down, then resurrects itself from its own ashes. Hard evidence provided by science precludes the existence of exotic help coming from spiritual realms.

    Virgo Mid September 2019: When You Are Ready, They Will Tell You Virgo ❤

    Well, no. Not right. There is in fact another real world that overlaps the material world, and it operates according to different laws that are mostly imperceptible to our senses. But events in the other real world can have tangible effects in the material world. This is especially true for you right now. Take advantage!


    Seek practical answers and solutions in your dreams, meditations, visions and numinous encounters. Halloween costume suggestion: White-magic sorcerer or good witch. You will understand the lesson that was provided by each twist and turn of your destiny. Every piece of the gigantic puzzle will slip into place, revealing the truth of what your mission has been. And during that future climax, you may remember right now as a time when you got a long glimpse of the totality.

    Halloween costume suggestion: The happiest person on Earth; the sovereign of all you survey; the wise fool who understands yourself completely. You could try to tamp down your unusual urges and smooth your rough edges, but it will be smarter to regard those urges and edges as fertile raw material for your future happiness.

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    Catch my drift? Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas about which signs are going to be most affected by Virgo season. Spoiler alert: the effects are positive, exciting, and will create fulfilling chances that will last you the rest of the year. According to Thomas, the planets are aligned in a way that leaves a door wipe open for you in the house of love.

    Virgo Monthly Horoscope

    If you're single, Thomas says to get out there. If you're in a relationship, Thomas says expect big changes and commitments. And, if you're not looking for love right now, Thomas says you can channel this romantic way in a very fulfilling creative way. If you've put off shopping all summer, get ready to have a little too much fun shopping for your fall wardrobe. Instead of relaxing and spending your riches, Thomas suggests that you "consider ways to monetize more.

    It's your birthday month, Virgo, so obviously you're going to be feeling the energy a bit more than everyone else. Essentially, now is the time to reach for whatever you want in life, you have all of the stars aligned for you be successful. If there's something you want to try, now is the time to step outside of your comfort zone and reach for it.

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    The best use of your energy though, according to Thomas, is to connect with a community. Whether it's where you live, where you work out, the people who enjoy similar hobbies or interests — those are going to be the people that you're going to want to connect with the most during this time, and having them in your life will really enrich it. Aka, network in all areas of your life.