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Swami Yogeshwar showed me the leaf on which my name was written in Sanskrit and pointed out that the pronunciation was almost exactly the same. The scholar, although familiar with the Bhrigu Samhita, was also most impressed by its exactitude.

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But the astrologers accepted it as a common occurrence and read on, The young man is here to study dharma religion and meet with holy men and saints. Certain things of a personal nature were related which I found very touching; details of my present life were given and there followed a description of my past. Swami Yogeshwar wrote down the Sanskrit and partially translated it for me on a scrap of paper. But to my surprise, I was told I could keep the original leaf if I wished.

It was then I heard this amazing statement about the book from the astrologers' lips, "The Bhrigu Samhita replenishes itself, and with sometimes with very old leaves and with some less aged. In order to rectify a sin I had committed in a previous life I was advised to pay rupees approximately 20 American dollars to the Bhrigu Samhita.

I smiled, thinking the hour spent had been an interesting diversion--even if it wasn't genuine. But, interestingly enough, no pressure was put on me to pay the amount mentioned in the leaf. Rather, Swami Yogeshwar and the others said there was no hurry. I had no intention of paying the amount but I did find the librarians' attitude the opposite of what one would expect from those engaged in a con game. This, plus the euphoric effect the reading seemed to have on everyone present, prompted me not to dismiss it simply as a fraud.

The swami acted as if there had been a revelation. Indeed, his own words to me were, "God has spoken today to us, dear friend, through the agency of the Bhrigu Samhita! For two years I have pondered the various explanations for the information found in the Bhrigu Samhita. The possibilities range from outright fraud to elaborate metaphysical theories.

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The more I doubted it the more my contacts with individuals and books seemed to attest to its authenticity. A Canadian named H. McKenzie, for example, visited the astrological work in the early 's and was convinced of its accuracy. McKenzie wrote, "I consulted Bhrigu Samhita and found my name mentioned there, besides so many other things about my life that shows that one has no free will The Bhrigu Samhita states about me that I, Mr.

Faqir states, "Everybody reaps the fruit of his or her deed. Major Som Nath of Aligarh is one of my associates. He came to me before the Indo-Pak war of and also went ot Bhrigu Samhita to consult his horoscope. They told him that he was a judge in his previous life and that he had accepted a huge bribe from a culprit and subsequently acquitted him and punished an innocent man in his place. As a result of this he would face a great danger to his life in that year. The astrologer suggested to him some Hawan, some atonement.

But he did not perform it. However, when he went to his place of posting in the field he was directed to move to the forward post of Shakargarh with two companions. They traveled by jeep. Suddenly a mine burst under the jeep and they all suffered serious injuries.

Now, had the Bhrigu Samhita astrologer not told him in advance about his forthcoming trouble I would not have commented. He did face a great danger to his life. This shows that our previous deeds dominate our present lives.

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He informed me that after visiting Bhrigu Samhita seven times he is convinced that the work is authentic and the most accurate treatise he has ever come upon. Although I was told the book existed only in Hoshiarpur, Johannsen said that is only the most famous and complete copy, that parts of it also exist in Delhi, Meerut and Benares. One can imagine a scenario of possibilities to explain the Bhrigu Samhita's existence. The request for money to pay off a previous sin, which appears built into the work, may be a device to provide a livelihood for the librarians or the astrologers who wrote the massive book or who work with it.

But this is common in many Indic traditions and does not necessarily invalidate the accuracy of the horoscope. The confidence and respect exhibited by all those connected with the Bhrigu Samhita in Hoshiarpur prompts me to look for a deeper explanation. Astrology has been criticized severely in the last century by scientists of both the East and the West on the grounds that it is erroneously conceived and pseudo-psychological.

And this well may be correct.

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As Dr. Lyall Watson perceptively observes, "Even the most ardent devotees of astrology admit that their study lacks a clear philosophic basis, that the laws and principles governing it are still uncoordinated and that the records are scattered and contain many errors. All disciplines--philosophic or scientific, from subatomic physics to music theory--have something in common with astrology. They are all communication vectors, information channels.

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Astrology, although not usually thought of as such, is a highly refined language code almost universal among advanced civilizations. Because of this astrology has survived. Mathematics, chemistry and social sciences are also language models communication operators and in this regard are much like astrology. The underlying fundamental in language and in all science and philosophy is the notion of intention. Without intention all systems are without meaning. Astrology may never be vindicated by the disciplines of physics or astronomy, precisely because it is not so much a scientific discipline as a religious system, where intention and myth making hold sway.

I say this because astrology today especially as practiced by most people in India and America does not subject itself to wholesale criticism; rather, it tends to act dogmatically in relying on so called "revealed" explanations of star and planet positions and their respective interpretations.

No wonder astrology is so popular despite increasing attacks on its credibility--it talks directly to "me. Perhaps the reason astrology "works" so well is because of our amazing psychological ability to find "meaning" in otherwise meaningless sentences and paragraphs. A clear example of intention and its ability to extract meaning from almost anything is seen in scriptural readings.

Devotees of Islam, Christianity and Sikhism often pose their questions or problems to their respective Holy Books hoping to find a solution. Often the open the work at random and place their fingers on a sentence or paragraph unknowingly but with the keen desire to discover something that speaks to them about their life and work.

Bhrigu Samhita

When they read the selected passage they feel that they have found an appropriate response which pertains directly to their query. Excluding the possibility of divine intervention, the major factor in this "certainty" of having the "right" answer lies not in the Holy Book itself but in the strong conviction or intention of the devotee. With this tool of intentionality or intended meaning one can dig jewels from mud, even if there are no actual jewels to be found. I suggest this is astrology's greatest strength and perhaps the reason for its long survival. I realize that in many ways these discussions are inadequate.

To put it in simpler terms, how can one explain a book written supposedly thousands of years ago which pinpoints information about individuals in the future? If deceit or fraud does not provide a complete explanation for this, I think we must agree that an open and unbiased inquiry which takes the utter profoundness of human consciousness as its starting point is needed. As I type these sentences the haunting memory of the Bhrigu Samhita's last words to me come to mind, This young man will come again several times.

Postscript I suspect that economics, and not the Akashic records on the astral plane, are the driving imperative behind the astrologers' curious leaves. Not surprisingly, given the unremitting interest in astrology, my article on the Bhrigu Samhita has proven to be the most popular one I have ever written. I have received queries about it from around the world from interested seekers desperate to know how to locate the ancient library.

Pandit Parmeshwara Driwadi was very popular in political circle though he was quite aggressive at time almost scolding his clients in his high peach voice. It is said that he got his Bhrigu Samhita Granth from Nepal which was later sold to some Pandit in Lucknow after his death. The Bhrigu Samhita practitioners have different types of texts manuscripts with them. We can broadly categorized them in three formats. They then search for your Bhrigu leaf from the manuscript based on some secret mathematical calculations done on your horoscope.

Based on some calculations they find your Bhrigu leaf and give you the readings. Late Pandit Des Raj of Hoshirpur was famous for doing this. They then look for the answer written in the manuscript for the question put by client. This is called Bhrigu Prashna system and it was famous after a manuscript from Meerut come out in the market on this subject. Many Bhrigu readers have this manuscripts published from Meerut in the 20th of Century. He is more than 80 years of age and is practicing this subject since he was I met him in the last week of February and took a small interview of his.

He left his home when he was 25 years of age and started wandering for about 10 years to learn astrology and Sanskrit. He met saint late Bhaktawar Ji in Varanasi who taught him this mysterious subject of Bhrigu system. He then went back to his home town and started practicing Bhrigu readings.

Since then thousands of people have taken Bhrigu readings from him which include many famous politicians and industrialist of the country. Pandit Nathu Lal Vyas got the attention of national media when his prediction given to Prathiba Devi Patil of reaching very high post become successful. In Smt. Pandit Nathu Lal give both life readings and Prashna horary readings as per the Bhrigu system. He do not take any fee and just accept donations from the people visiting him for their Bhrigu readings.

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